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Company Profile

Duropet offers products with a unique methodology, which will exceed the expectations of the clients and will help them to meet the requirements in this constantly changing and challenging world. The company is established in Gods own country Kerala, India. Our commitment to quality of our product and reliability in services gained us unparalleled reputation amongst the Pet bottles and jar manufacturers. An emerging requirement for PET bottles and jar in the Medical and food industries merged with the aid to manufacture eco friendly durables spurred us into producing elite quality plastic packaging products.

Duropet has not bloomed to heights within the span of a single day. The exclusive range of Pet bottles offered by us was of matchless quality and was carried on from one client to the other serving us to stature ourselves steadily as a reckoning force to seek upon in the industry. Within the span of just 5 years Duropet has emerged itself to amalgamate with the mandate international standards.We are the leading manufacturers of Tea Bottles, Edible Oils, Pharmaceutical bottles to confectionary Containers, the choices available to you are numerous.

The Pet bottles and jar manufacturers which we offer are of elite quality which offers the essence of freshness. We research and select high quality raw materials for the production of our products; we guarantee the class of our products will be found nowhere as we believe in servicing our people from the core of our heart. We take pride in serving many markets with efficient, high-quality and innovative packaging solutions. These markets include the food industry, the personal care and cosmetics industry, the pharmaceutical industry and indeed many more markets where packaging materials can enhance our sales.





To offer our people with impeccable choices of elite quality PET products dwelled from the most progressive technology present and a precisely-proficient, highly motivated staff.


To be the finest in the sphere of PET & Bottles through constant enhancement in rate, knowledge, and quality which results in delivering supreme quality products bound to leave all blissful with its perfection studded in all aspects .

What different from others?

An entire new dimension in the field of Pet bottles with subtle quality. Each of the Pet bottles are crafted with extreme precision that emits the essence of purity. Each product that we present to the world has our class of purity inscribed in it, which depicts the love that we impart upon our users.

We offer products in our own unique style, which will exceed the expectations of the clients and will help them to meet the requirements in this constantly changing and challenging world