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Duropet Advantage

The enhanced fame and usage of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) containers by end users has sprouted new dimensions in the designing sphere. At present one cannot think of a life without the use of PET containers as they have become an integral part of one’s life as they are inevitable for bottling soft drinks, juices and other food products, medicines etc. A few factors making us distinct:


Simple to use

Flexibility in design

Elite transparency


Clear, inert and light weight

Supreme hindrance to oxygen, moisture and carbon di oxide

Usage of PET bottles

Trendy, affluent, reliable and effective Pet bottles with fresh, timely and supreme design is another important aspect related to our product portfolio. This wide range of products is carved to cater the essentials for the present era.

PET bottles are apt for filling carbonated soft drinks, mineral water, fruit juices, cooking oil, pharmaceutical containers and other products. Due to their extreme clarity (like glass), PET bottles are always preferred for carbonated soft drinks and mineral water. PET bottles are also very much lighter than glass bottles. Unlike glass bottles, PET bottles will not break when dropped.

Duropet uses state of the art injection-stretch-blow mould equipment. Using our unparalleled range of machines, we offer our clients ultimate flexibility. Our stock of a wide range of PET bottles and jars guarantees very short delivery times. Especially for the pharmaceutical market, our fully equipped clean room at class 10,000 makes Duropet the market leader in this special, highly demanding field of business.

One aspect, which we have kept discrete, is the ultimatum in quality. We have engaged well-educated and technologically proficient persons for evaluation of excellence at each phase of creation as we understand that it is the people who work with us and who work for us that drives our success.